Where Have the Real Men Gone?

Where Have the Real Men Gone?

In today’s world, a curious question echoes; "Where have the real men gone?" Genuine masculinity, anchored in timeless values, appears to be hiding in the depths of today's self-absorbed society. Amid this uncertain world it’s crucial to spotlight and praise the permanent and unchanging virtues that distinguish a real man.

At the heart of traditional male virtues are self-respect and honor, beacons that guide actions and decisions. These are the tools of the silent strength borne in a man confronting life's challenges. The courage a man portrays in acting on these values serve as a quiet commitment to face adversity with dignity and resolve.

Writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn a prisoner of Soviet labor gulags describes another value with the axiom, "Live not by lies". This truly finds kinship in the character of a real man. It is the unwavering commitment to truth and authenticity. In a world where truth can be elusive, the real man stands as a tower of integrity built on the raw value of honesty.

Real men, unapologetic of their masculinity, carry themselves with an air of confident authenticity that has withstood the test of time. They do not shy away from the things that define them – strength, resilience, and a commitment to honor. More importantly they do not let others define them. In a society that sometimes questions or challenges these values, the real man stands firm, knowing that these qualities are the bedrock of a flourishing society and a stable future.

Reflecting character shaped by these virtues, a man’s actions speak louder than his words. As we navigate the current of cult of gender fluidity, we must stand with resolve and uphold the timeless values that illuminate the path real men follow. These values serve as a compass, guiding men through the deviances of the modern era that will soon pass.

An amusing aspect is that, in reality, nothing has changed from the beginning of time. Real women admire these traits that complement their feminine characteristics of nurturing and caring. And when the two join together as man and wife they experience joys that are incomparable on any human level.

For those who don’t espouse these time-tested values well, they live in a godless world based on a flawed agenda fed to them by certifiably disturbed people. Unfortunately, that ends up controlling and propelling them into a lifelong unsatisfied life and has a negative effect on society.

That being said embrace the traditional values of manliness that have existed from the beginning of time. Enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life based on those values. More importantly conduct yourself with actions that promote those values so that the question is never asked again... where have the real men gone?

By Mark Kiddo, Sr.