Our story starts at the crossroads of the nineteenth and twentieth century with our founder’s namesake who resonated with being a manly man. As a young orphan from Slovakia, traveling alone to a new land with new challenges, Nicholas Kiddo (1886) began his family’s legacy by working in the coal mines of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Nicholas Kiddo, though not wealthy by monetary standards, nevertheless, enjoyed the wealth of a good life. From the hard fruits of his labor, he relished the finer things in life, in his case, a satisfying cigar and a bold drink. Working in the coal mines for over four decades, he was able to transcend the pain and pressures of life to an idyllic and successful lifestyle.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and three generations later, Nicholas A. Kiddo (1992) has founded Manly Cigar Co. to carry on the spirit of his great grandfather’s legacy. A rebellious and individual spirit, not settling for the status quo, Nicholas strives to imbue the spirit to himself and like-minded individuals. Manly Cigar Co. has no generational boundaries nor pre-conceived notion of a cookie cutter mentality that other cigar companies may burden themselves with. Manly Cigar Co., an orphan in this industry, has chosen to embrace the American dream that Nicholas Kiddo had taken, to stake its claim and live on in his spirit.  

Today, our brand represents masculinity and all the trappings that come with it. Manly Cigar Co. embodies responsibility, working hard, and playing hard. We cater to the unapologetic lifestyle through class, enjoyment and enjoying the finer things of life. In fact, we put that concept into every cigar. Some may look at a cigar as just that while we look at it as an opportunity to provide you with the best experience.